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Dear Friends and Neighbors, JCPG Meeting April, 11 @ 7PM

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
We are writing to you because you have written comments to the San Diego County Planning Commission, attended a Julian Town Hall meeting or signed a petition in opposition to the proposed major subdivision of Hoskings Ranch in Julian.
The Julian Community Planning Group will meet on Monday, April 11 at 7pm in Town Hall (lower level) to discuss the proposed Hoskings Ranch subdivision.  Members of the San Diego County Planning Commission staff will also be at this meeting to answer questions and explain what information was given to our local planning group as they evaluated this project.  Your attendance at this meeting is very important for our community.  We hope you will consider joining us.
Contrary to  some notices, the proposed major Hoskings Ranch subdivision is not approved by San Diego County.
The County Planning Commission voted to recommend approval for the major subdivision on February 5 , 2016.  Unknown to the San Diego County Planning Commission at that time (and unknown to us until the last 2 weeks) was a letter from the California State Department of Conservation to the Planning Commission staff, dated February 4, 2016.  A copy of the letter is attached.
This letter is very important to the issue of the proposed major subdivision of Hoskings Ranch.  The Department of Conservation administers the California Land Conservation (Williamson) Act and other agricultural land conservation programs.  The Department of Conservation does not support the Hoskings Ranch major subdivision as proposed. 
The attached letter states:
“…the subdivision of enrolled lands for residential purposes is prohibited by both the Williamson Act and by section 66474.4 of the Govenment Code” (the Subdivision Map Act)…
“The proposed subdivision of contracted land has no relevance to the existing commercial agricultural use of the land; therefore, the imminent residential development which will follow this subdivision cannot be considered incidental.  For these reasons, the Department finds the proposed subdivision inconsistent with the Williamson Act and the Subdivision Map Act.” (emphasis added)
Please share this with as many other concerned/interested people you may know.
The Julian Community Planning Group will discuss how this letter from the California Department of Conservation may affect their view of the proposed subdivision, on Monday, April 11 at 7 pm at Julian Town Hall.  We hope to see you there!
Julian Action Committee
Chris Elisara
Lynn and Chip Jarman
Nancy and Brian Kramer
Karin and Keith Krawiec
Kiki Skagen Munshi
Teak Nichols

Julian Community Planning Group — Hoskings Ranch Proposed Development

Good afternoon, neighbors —
On Monday, Feb. 8, a number of neighbors (Keith Krawiec, Nancy Kramer, Chris Elisara, Dave Klumph, Chip and I) attended the monthly meeting of the Julian Community Planning Group (JCPG).  They had a short discussion on the status of the Hoskings Ranch Proposed Development which was on the San Diego Planning Commission agenda on Feb. 5.
I asked if we could put the issue of the proposed development on the agenda for the JCPG March meeting.  They were agreeable and the Hoskings Ranch Proposed Development will be an agenda item for the JCPG meeting on Monday, March 14, 2016 at 7pm, Town Hall.  It was not clear whether this would be for discussion purposes, or also as an action item.  I believe it is very important for interested neighbors to attend this JCPG meeting, so anything you can do to “spread the word” would be helpful.
At last week’s meeting, the JCPG discussed receiving information from the community on this proposed development.  They are willing and interested to review “evidence” (their word), documents and information that they have not already evaluated, or that is new to the proposed development.  There is little documentation regarding what was reviewed by the JCPG.  As a result, I suggest that anything the community thinks is noteworthy, and not referenced in the JCPG documents I am attaching to this email, should be sent to the JCPG for consideration.  Comments, information and documents need to be received by Pat Brown, Chair of the JCPG, no later than Monday, March 7 in order for JCPG to review the information before the March 14 meeting.  Pat’s email address is:
It is not clear exactly what was made available to the JCPG over the years that they evaluated and commented on the project.  I requested documents from Pat Brown, chair of the JCPG which he kindly provided to me in January.  There is a summary sheet (attached as JCPGInfo&MeetingsoutlineHR)) of the contacts, actions and meetings that occured while the JCPG was reviewing this proposed development.  Pat Brown assembled this summary after reviewing all the documents that were available to him.
I am also attaching the actual documents which Pat Brown copied at my request, from the JCPG files, concerning the proposed development.  There are several meeting minutes and other helpful documents.  These are attached as JCPGDocsHR.  I understand that our JCPG sends minutes to the county planning commission staff but the county has neglected to post them on the Planning Commission website.  Only the JCPG agendas (not the minutes) were available on the county website, the last time I checked.
Finally, I am including (as HRdocsPublicDocumAttachmentF)  the documents attached to the Dec. 11, 2015 Staff Report on the Hoskings Ranch Proposed Development.  These documents (from 2003 to 2015) were provided by the Planning Commission staff in support of their evaluation that the community of Julian supported the proposed development.  As you can see, there is very little in terms of paperwork that the Planning Commission staff has assembled regarding input from the community.
Please take the time to review the enclosures, and the other documents submitted in support of this development (should be on the San Diego County Planning Commission website), and give our local JCPG the benefit of your concerns.  I have copies of the Hydrology Report on the property (dated 2011 based on data to 2005) which I am happy to share.   I don’t know whether the JCPG had a copy of this report available to them when they evaluated the project.  I don’t believe the JCPG has not seen the many comments provided by the community to the Planning commission staff, in December, January and February 2016.  You might want to email Pat Brown any comments which you submitted to the Planning Commission staff.   I know our local JCPG is interested in what we have to say, and I hope you will be able to contact Pat Brown no later than March 7.
You are welcome to forward this email to whomever you think might be interested or concerned about the proposed Hoskings Ranch Development Plan.  If you have any questions, please let me know.
Many thanks,
Lynn Jarman